This program is for Breaking the cycles of food waste for ending hunger and malnutrition. It includes:

  • Culinary workforce development : culinary job Training, Culinary job placement, Culinary Events, etc
  • Healthy Food Production : Take away foods, Restaurant, Events foods, Grocery foods, etc.
  • Food Bank : Collecting Food from high class families, Distribution of food to vulnerable people, etc.

As the malnutrition is one of the barriers of learning, ISHAKA program aims to break the cycles of food waste, ending hunger and malnutrition through Innovative approach in Culinary workforce development and healthy food production.

The  culinary job training model is a tution free, 12 week certified culinary apprenticeship model that trains 100 individuals per year to launch their carreer in the culinary and hospitality industry to contribute to ending food waste, hunger and malnutrition.